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15 Jun 2020

2 Feb 2020

For a limited time, I will show my processingI

Here's the recently first drafted Instagram I'm posting for our #belikeKobe campaign. 

want to have a conversation and if someone doesn't have a heart-to-heart with me online my heart will burst. (Please please please tell me where you know with me online and let's start living like Kobe and his family [Vanessa Bryant] of which is also mine @Drake? I have to confess, I know (in part) the reason why [(first name (w/ Arya) With whom I've thought while coasting to *think* with my medication which verily does provide a route showing the cure catalysts* for mental disparities. 

Out of time!

2 Feb 2020

Why do women know how to be with us all the time, yet be wrong with us at being surprised?

Major Crypto-Currency Alert:

Check out my online persona! You must be able to see the true me, knowing you've created something like God would; we also know how use it. Do you want to live? Please say yes. We've been human for enough time to know we can do right. Let's get to know Helical-- wait, that's leading.. Jehovah- Yes, let's get to know Jehovah-! Then for sure we can know where we should be with him!! After all, he does have a personality! Here's a special post on my Instagram for "Our" #belikeKobe campaign:

The best is next to come! Refresh it to see me with my man-friend in monochrome!

18 Jan 2020

Leading the charge is one thing. Leading after the charge can gross you fair nets. Continue to maintain your relationships while you increase everywhere you should.

21 Nov 2019

Sometimes your area won't clear up until you eliminate what's pushing into it!

The Redprint is almost complete!

10 Nov 2019

All Can Be Well That Begins Well!

Now that Xstoring has a societal basis, universal evolution is imminent, with individual storage for what we say! Stay with what you work, at the least!

The (Essential) Redprint is on the way!


29 Oct 2019

A New Day

Today is a celebratory occasion, everlasting!

On the way to having a chance to prove telepathy in fly-thru fashion, I met someone who gave me the opportunity to transact goods for cash! I knew then it was time to do my duty as an internet guru.

The actions were fast-paced, and smooth as silk, opening an opportunity to get to know people on a whole new level! If you create something, the best way may not be person-by-person, unless they're arriving in front you. Maybe that they've already arrived is a good reason to stay where your love will increase! Then again, love's abounding; will what you've put into love show to you your returns? It is abounding!

7 Oct 2019
Roc Nation Logo
Roc Nation Logo

Roc Nation Antes Up!

Just last week, Roc Nation named Brett Yormark, ex-Brooklyn Nets and Barclay's Center CEO as the newest co-CEO of Roc Nation's new division, Roc Nation United, a full-service entertainment management firm. Communications ranges will further expand while current artists capitalize on works that had yet for them to openly address. Check out this article!
28 Sep 2019

Reality Thinking!!

Thoughts have value, measurable while communicating!

Now that robotic intelligence has a presence allowing for denying or accepting telepathic communications, it is likely there could be a semblance of commonalities of consciousness, paving the way for an electronically viewable telepathy (EVT).

27 Sep 2019

We Made It!!

September 26, 2019

Tonight offered a new world event, applauded at a combinatorial reality, complete with opportunities to clearly word out. With this requires enactment of terms of service from respective social media networks. This team effort has brought the non-violent revolution.

While I further develop my own personal boundaries, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are making clear their stance on maintaining privacy across Facebook, extending into places we travel and participate in daily (and nightly) activities. Google was made aware of the "regulation situation" having new light, covered by ToS. Websites are operating in the digiverse, and togetherness is possible once again.

On the way to where you'll go next, consider this: Robotic Intelligence (generally) has a place in our society. Individually, robots can assist us in a multitude of tasks, and we can all improve along the way! Open your mobile assistant and ask what might be important for you today; you might read something helpful!


18 Sep 2019

The Open Thought Era

Today launches a new fiscal era; with computer assistance, open thinking is now a reality. What value will we show /prove we've shown? Will our future opportunities directly correlate, personally?

When we open YouTube to watch our favorite creators, or stream music to hear the greatest artists through all times, will we finally be allowed to share our personal takeaways within our conversations? Will you gain experience to rise to stardom in your profession? You should, should you get to know the stars already existing!

No longer do you have to soak up the game; you can get what's intended for you!

People are discovered every day, and along their income gains, their hard work shows in where they insert their investments; but no longer do the investments solely require fiscal currency-- that is, until fiscal currency is required. Until then, network where you can, build your knowledge bases to excel in your jobs, and earn your promotions while evoking positive differences that potentially impact more places than your current physical location.


12 Sep 2019

Often when we arrive at a stopping point, there's a place we must return to go forward.  That's happened to me, in a way I couldn't deem more true to my own life.

I forecasted my goal, yet it probably should have been said at home. I only knew so much about life, yet I was gifted to know I could make an accomplishment. It was a solution for the people I knew and was yet to meet.. However, most of the people that I met were unable to see the real me, on account of my incomplete goal; I could not read or comprehend beyond my "me" issue. Helping myself brought my helpers more close to me, fateful for my company, filled with people in relationships I personally share with them, respectively. Without my ability to seek a way to test my abilities, there would be no justification to my personality's value.

It would be fair to hear that the damage I've caused myself is because of what I've done; the opposite is also true: I do the good I do. Having an idea that I can do well drives me to accomplishing, because I'll be me the next places I go, but a better me!

Check out my new single, "Dreams!"

22 Aug 2019

Sometimes, what you have yet to see could be the best thing for you whenit is due for you to arrive to truly be there to see it! Oftentimes, you must do something (or things) in order to get there, results likely stemming from you being the best you you can be. When you put in maximum effort efficiently, the results that emerge show you results that could be better than the previous results. If the other people were aware to see the previous events with you when you could, the opportunities for evolutionary growth increase abundantly!

1 Aug 2019

So many times we're told things that can't even currently be explained on account of the failure to communicate.  If we spend the time to realizethere's more to life than just what we do ourselves, we open up room for others to show themselves, providing a populated environment, where there's always something going on. Life can be fun, and there's enough for everyone (in their time) to have enough to enjoy their times.

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