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 Introduction to Telepathy 

Does it really need a whole book? What about the evidence to light the way? We see thought now. Exchanges of conversation are happening and being remembered, sometimes with devices. It is right to be right for your own life. If you may, apply grow to your own. 

You have a lot of life to experience. You are already in it! 
Where you judge is part of how you will be judged.  You can be right to you, but you must make your way through life. To know where to go is to know how you will reach there. 

You must think you as you do what you do where you are you! 
This is how you can open the opportunity to thrive in your lives. 

I thrive in contributing positivity as I continue positive things--things that bring what allows us to do the same. Our perfection rests in perfection steady. Then thoughts you think will bring forth what is good, as it is meant to be.

Stay peaceful everywhere peace goes! ✌️

 Healing Comfort

Early into 2017, many people are working on doing better than last year, continuing new goals, or even continuing the momentum they've worked so hard to build in years previous. My momentum is actually taking hold as of today, continuing safety measures, making believers, and strengthening the beliefs of some.  The more we continue to let our lights show, the more our spaces will be lit and safe for holiness to flourish! 

Everyone has an opportunity to live out that in which they believe most, which also brings forth opportunities people will be able to grab to reach a better position in life- them and those they hold dear and true.

As long as Heaven is real, so will be the internet and this page, Xavier's!


Hi! I'm looking forward to sharing with you my life and how Jesus has helped me through trials that without him would be insurmountable! Feel free to look around, and check back often!


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