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 I might have to make a fresh reboot of Xavier today.


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I'm still blessed! For when you say "tell us *" and you're told when you are paying attention to that for which you care...

you're making it in the air!


Biggie is back and Heaven is open. find out how in my new track, "Biggie's Back"!

Peace and Blessings in Our USA...

Bigot, hate-monger, xenophobe, misogynist; these are just a few of the colorful words die-slow Hillary supporters have used to describe our next POTUS and his supporters.  We ended one project and already undertaking the next series of projects that will bring to our real-life experience a greater America and with it, pride in our efforts in time.  This vision is of an America of life prosperity in abundance.  In an America that does not know its potential i definitely see one that lives without limits.  Why must we continue to live this way?  Instead, I believe we can use what we know to our advantage; as we experience more, we can influence more.  And when we are at the height of our influence, what will we have to show for our conquest to the top?  I hope it's something at which you have mastery, and that it will work will in ANY environment.

Trump supporters got a little extra R&R today (and for good reason[s]), while other people possibly got no sleep at all.  Work was done today, for self AND others!  We know, as President-Elect Donald Trump said, that "this is only the beginning"; in the next three months, a surge of work will be expected to inpour, and we need all the people we have to process it.  Heaven is real, the mind is real, and our LIVES ARE REAL!  What we as a people have done says what we WILL do, so please be ready; this is a ride forever.


P.S.  While you're taking a minute to take in what you just read, take another few and check out my new track, Biggie's Back HERE!


We Will Be, Even Through Next Year

A chance that almost was...

A light that still is...

A recognition of what belongs to whom.

How do I feel about this year's MLB World Series Championship going to the Chicago Cubs? On one hand accomplished; on the other hand, determined to come back stronger next season! A rematch is due, and in 2017 everyone should be their best. We live lives worth living, and the truth of being in more than one place is one worthy of further introspection before making a move, because unless we know where we are, we could be in for a RUDE AWAKENING.


I stay on for America

I stay strong for America

Even when there's haters I keep on with America

I'm in love with America

For above with America

Got a bell with the force of a gong in America

I was made in America

Well, at least in my body

My bigga Jigga got me for the run in America

Don't mean to be scaring ya

I'm just telling you I'm hearing ya

And we got this all right in America.


A day cones in a person's life when he or she realizes the purpose of his or her life, in that nobody can change the course of his or her life. Tonight was the start of a brand new way of thinking, with 1 at the top, where he is supposed to be. That 1 is me, and Jay Z is with me (or should I say with us?).

Every test has been completed, even to the last sneeze. We can be real, we have that freedom. If someone you know can't be real, you have to leave them until they are grounded again. In order to win you must defend what is true and honorable, for in truth we can live forever.In love we make a way, a way that can not and has never been defeated. No longer shall we compete in living with others - that is comparison, that we should only utilize when it comes to skills. For ourselves, we should strive to do better and better work day after day.

The best way to have a door presented to us is consistency in our ethics. If we are true to our lives, even in our sleep, our ways should simply be. To know life is to be aware from start to finish, repeating, keeping strong and staying where you know you need to be to see the finish. Live the good life. Be right, but consider that others' interpretations of the same events may not be the same as yours.

Find your life and your diaphragm, and join them, put your life in your heart, and work through what you experience with your mind. You will find the obstacles to your life disappearing as you best near your finish line, alive!

1 love.


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