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The elusiveness of the debate as to whether or not the mind is observable is rapidly coming to a close.  That consciousness is a real thing may not be the true question of study to find this answer.  Rather, that existence itself is real could prove a worthy inquiry, which may open more avenues of experience than previously considered.  From an observational standpoint, it appears that people have been searching with their mental tools, for something onto which they can hold true; something that has semblance of affecting their present events with their thought processes.  What they would have gives them purpose, and lets them know their place in life.  What they would have are minds of their own, with the necessary processing to handle all of their respective lives' stimuli, in order. Patience with what life presents, with the perserverance to overtake the obstacles, offers a life full of opportunities and challenges that make solving one’s life’s puzzles more enjoyable.

Every day we are confronted with options that will either move us closer or farther from reaching our goals.  As time passes, our opportunities from the decisions we make may shrink at a rate relative to their respective impacts.  Additionally, due to the growth we make along our days, we can be more able to achieve certain personal goals in the future.  To be successful in doing what we respectfully need to do, it is pertinent to actively think about the current tasks with which we are respectively confronted, in prioritized order.  Once you’ve arrived to the milestone of “mental freedom”, you will naturally meet your needs.

On your personal path to mental freedom, you must make peace with life’s situations, regardless of when they occur[ed].  Doing this will eliminate stress and anxiety you face from past situations, freeing your mental capacity to experience every moment as a fresh and new one.  Instead of dwelling on people about situations in which you aren’t in now, you can see people are as they really are, where you actually are.  The best reality rewards people for positivity, while disciplining those who cause harm.

“Doing the right thing” may sometimes be regarded as a subjective phrase, and it very well may be, as it depends on each person’s respective circumstances.  Doing the right thing can mean speaking correctly in a certain situation, and it can also mean doing the little things it takes leading up to correctly saying what you have to say, in speaking situations.  Whatever “do the right thing” means to you, if you do not begin tasks correctly, getting back on track can be increasingly difficult as time passes.

If you haven’t been doing the right thing, don’t fret; you can still do the right thing in light of what you have done.  You can allow yourself to deal with life’s situations without succumbing to the anxiety you could face.  While you may even experience the feeling that others around you know what you’ve done, it could very well be your own experiences reminding you that you have more distance to travel in making amends.  Making amends with your life will free you to influence your situations to move in a positive direction.

Positive influence is always better than negative influence, be it from or to you.  Good eventually becomes better, while negativity begets more negativity.  Every step you take in a positive direction will eventually bring forth positive results; what you do now may play a part in your future situations.  Remember:  Some progress is better than no progress.


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This EP is a culmination of experiences many of us have faced or are bound to face in the coming days. Life has become spiritual and I have some lyrics to share with you that'll help you look at Heaven in a way that we all can share!

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 They're selling that fake stuff, but my heart won't buy it.


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Our thoughts are only as powerful as we allow them to be!


 As far as I can see is from where I continue to be. The truth of love and what boundaries they carry are necessary to be known, in order to bring into your next situations what you have while staying in the same environmental state. We've all the same what's around us, at us, respectively. How you choose to enter, dwell, and travel your paths still matters where you go. Time still counts. As easy as it is to stay on your own mission, it is to be aware of those (beings) around you, which persist at the stages at which you're able to evoke progress towards the goals you know to be attainable, of what you know is believable to more than just you; found true to those who support you along your way to seeing through what you start beyond their completions, which simply open more opportunities based on how you arrived there based on your merits. Will you continue to travel your courses, appreciating every moment of life as you make successes? And for those successes, make sure they function so operationally that when your completions are behind you, the failures only show what you have properly made (a result of jobs well done).


 Let's write a poem. 

How about a subject? How about what I'm doing, leading to my goals for the night. With life being a party, we should last in our flows from scene to scene! 
I'm outside The doors didn't open I'm early I've started the line And I'm showing a connection To the artists Who will light it up For those who negatively impact you The time is up They know the stage They're on a page Of mental progression Of living in heaven Before we pass To live with the unbreakable foundation Leading us to unlimited success in our occupations For me, it's fixing every place for any mistake to be Helping you be the very best you can beAs you be a star As you glow Lighting the wayAnd grabbing those who've gone astrayAs we love our days And stay prepared for what we came to do Be in truth I'll listen to artists I'll experience now Let's take a break.

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Created by Xavier Direll Willis