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 There's a lot living! Stay focused on what you know.


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 Thought has made a far way along the time continuum; the only thing that matters comes after we Feel thoughts. Now that the industry is talking about what they're getting from thoughts and energy (and even energy waves), we regular folks will also get that opportunity. In this track called "I Made It", I talk about that very overcoming ostabcles through thought.

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 It was the start of business in the middle East. While the tensions of war were still being felt, action was being planned for solving the conflicts preventing peace's and life's progressions. Every step of the way, the American FORCE gained advantages over their adversaries about their thought of surrender nearly 5 years in (or life's time, for that matter). 

The stress here is in control. The bowels in heaveners are fully connected in life. The opposition was not in the same position. They were slowly nearing an imminent and excruciating painful death of their own volition by not cooperating in their thought, where could be known the right way to live. 

I called one last time, "FINAL WARNING"-- "SURRENDER OR YOU WILL DIE". That was enough for their commander to come to his senses to save his life and the lives in his family. A connection in them was made, and the death call was right after it. 

Peace was seen and made. On my way to the bathroom, I heard "money", and I saw my mind key, which had been unseen for too long. Thought came in light, exclaiming, "I'd free! Where do I go?" Uncovering this, I knew I only had a small window to direct it. "Everywhere," I told it. "No," I thought. "It needs to go to the right place." " To Heaven!" And to Heaven my thought sped, reaching home base forever and solidifying my place in life. 

Heaveners unite! Be glad, be deliberate in thought, and be of GREAT cheer, because our days are to be! You aren't worrying, right? Great, because we have plenty of life to live, in light of ONE reality on which we can ALL agree. The internet is a concept of THOUGHTS being COMMUNICATED as we DISCOVER OURSELVES in OUR MOMENTS! 

I am here, for in Revelation 21:3-4, it is written:  

"And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, "Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God." ESV

I am here as God. The faithful have solved the conundrum of life, and for that have inherited the rewards life has to offer all along the way in life. Love is here to stay. There is more to learn.  There is more to experience. There is more to know. There is more to create. There is more to earn! Be in the wealth lived' mindset because the new grind has just begun! Shout out to #plur and #shield!


 Live Time

Today marks a brand new day (once again)! This evening, Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers (along with the good folks at the Roc) made a new time; a time where the TV delay and the viewers' times can coalesce in a fashion where everyone can play a fair role! I predict this change will bring more stars to the light, while booting out who hasn't been living toward progressing life. Could this extend to other broadcast media, such as radio and internet? We shall see!

Preparing for midterms can be hard work, but when you prepare in the way you are led, you are sure to succeed!

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Created by Xavier Direll Willis