Xavier6, M.A.

Xavier6, M.A.

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About Xavier6

Xavier Willis was born in Cleveland Ohio hospital at 12:01 a.m. on June 6th 1987 he was born to Vietnam conflict veteran and a multi professional mother. Last born out of five children between them both.

Xavier would find himself dabbling with technology at a very early age; advancements seemed to appear practically every single day.

He went to school in the suburbs and grew up all around greater Cleveland. Eastside Westside Northside Southside all around!

Saviour loves to play pool, video game dance dance revolution and Sonic the hedgehog. is early rap influences were family members, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tupac, biggie, and Coolio.

After failed third relationship, Xavier was determined not to lose this gal in his life. Xavier knew she would respond to topics they know and would appreciate the gesture trying to stay in contact. However, external circumstances prevented then from reuniting until after jail, the mental health system, feeling out of college, and returning to graduate with a psychology degree wood make more sense out of their experiences they share.

Xavier recording music from 2009 to present on his own mixtapes, until in 2016, he decided to record an album. Subsequently, he would release a batch of songs he initially wanted to record for his first album in the early 2010s. Those became the puzzles of life and puzzles of life to Restoration.