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A Revelatory "Shit-Show"

    The first 2020 Presidential Debate presented a climate indicative of just how important today is!  There are differing viewpoints that prevent a clear point from emerging, from whoever would have something to say.  Political events have spotlights shining on the protesters; they show us what they have to say on our way across town.  Members of the National Guard post up in various locations surrounding the event site.  Peace presides, and others want to experience it!

    I got the opportunity to walk on the outskirts of the Cleveland Clinic campus, which was barricaded, guarded, and restricted with detours.  I saw Trump supporters, Libertarians, medical professionals, and different levels of police, including campus officers.  I had to conduct my own coverage; being enabled to continue to the light was the greatest gift I could be served.  I wondered about the irrationality of the inability of real-time self-directed activity, and space rockets came to mind:

    Currently, every calculation must be completed and installed on the ship's onboard computer, because in most cases, the rocket will return without a person controlling it.  Concordantly, it must be able to hit a moving bullseye days, weeks, months, or even years from today.  Without any wiggle room to adjust among unexpected circumstances, if anything goes wrong after liftoff, there is no way to ensure successful mission completions, having recovered the precious data fetched.  Hence, flight agility is required to fly unhinged within (and beyond) our Milky Way.

    The Debate was not quite a debacle, if you consider the awareness exhibited within the debate hall.  Both candidates went toe-to-toe, attempting to hash out their differing viewpoints, while maintaining their connections with viewers, who included an international audience.  Had they not addressed outlying problems (some of which didn't make sense with the general population), the window would not be open for peace (itself) to naturally prevail.

    Many people were appalled that President Trump did not denounce racism and white supremacy.  There may be dissent with people that had not been addressed for a long time (if it could).  However, chain reactions are volatile and unpredictable, especially when a potential boiler keg like thinking is at the forefront.  My point is this:  Unless you are personally within a communication network (invited, of course), knowing how particular individuals address controversial issues is veiled (at best) to you.  The best things we can do (if we choose to get involved) is address those issues as direct (and diplomatically) as possible.  That way, when an understanding emerges, we can choose our direction(s) to travel.

    These are times to approach our personalities' difficult problems.  I look to enjoying being with self-knowing people, progressing events and building relationships that cultivate, even when apart.

Medical professionals hold signs ahead of the first 2020 Presidential Debate in Cleveland, Ohio.
Medical professionals hold signs ahead of the first 2020 Presidential Debate in Cleveland, Ohio.
Americans are Great!  Will President Trump be convincing enough to extend his political career?
Americans are Great! Will President Trump be convincing enough to extend his political career?

Case Western University and Cleveland Clinic Team up to Host First 2020 Presidential Debate

We are heading into election season toward the end of a tumultuous and frustrating course in etiquette.  Having an extra layer to explain oneself without sounding selfish is what we can receive, now that people's turns are returning to place.  President Trump has held office for nearly a full term; and America has not gone unnoticed.  In addition to becoming a part of the world again since our Founding Fathers first declared independence for us, clarity is enhancing, and we are getting along with others.  I would call that a "HUGE" win!  How you choose to proceed is up to you, individually.

With that being said, I am glad to present this article from Cleveland.com that announces another milestone for Cleveland, Ohio:  Hosting a presidential debate.  In fact, it is the first debate of election season, and it is one of four happening just before our general election.  We've got hope from Obama, and President Trump's presidency has had to have shown us that we will be great no matter what happens.  That's independence in action.

The debate will take place on September 29, 2020 at the Health Education Center on Euclid Avenue.

I'm not one for removing a person's chance to make things right; however, I do reserve my right to wait for facts to emerge that without appearing impede my progress.  Ya never know, one person's expression could mean the world to someone, especially when they learn the first person started it.

It's time to yoke up; your opportunities are looking for you.

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