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20 Sep 2016

 A Collection of Memories

- Your Life -

How often in life have you gotten back to huge mistakes you made? I don't mean being in a place where you've had to deal with the consequences of poor decisions, but going back in your own memories introspectively, remembering what you did wrong and why you did it-- those things with which you thought you got away must be worked out on your own.

There are people who can help you work out those issues, but you must be ready to accept your life and work to make it better.

What better decisions would you have made if you could live those experiences again? 

Better yet, what better decisions will you make today?


#life #xr66 #thereal

After leaving off with #Rihanna - #ANTi, #Drake is a great #listening #choice today.

How about #Take #Care and #Nothing Was The Same?

Let's get it! #grindseason

19 Sep 2016

 Today Marks - A New Era Begins

-- Our souls are at stake --

Welcome to a brand new life-- a life where evil is no more, where opportunities are rampant and ready for the taking, and YOU have a chance to thrive!

Everyone has a chosen path they must follow to finally see in reality that in what they believe most; that in which I believe most is telepathy, and it has come true today.  Hopefully we can share life in a true reality where our goals can always be achieved, and we think of how our FAMILY can progress.

Im the One. You can be One too!

Technology giants like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Sony have taken charge in the field of telecommunications, allowing us the freedom to live according to our thoughts, which may still need correction to live the best life. That best life comes only with Christ.

Christ is me. Don't believe it? I won't argue with you, but I'm already well into this; I claimed my position in 2009, and despite the people who rejected me, I still succeeded in reaching a Heaven that is universal. Dispute and poot!

The Ruler's Back! Time to dig out those old records and hear them in the current time!

Here's a playlist to start you off living well:

Lil Wayne - Grateful

Lil Wayne - Tha Carter

JAY Z - All The Way Up

DJ Khaled ft. JAY Z & Future - I Got The Keys

JAY Z - Spiritual

JAY Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail

Rihanna - ANTi

Make today a great one! Your life will be blessed.


15 Jun 2016

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30 Aug 2016


Righteousness Flights are in when I come inFight to winLights are brightSight and like what you see to believe that your opportunities are openCold wind inYou can't heat itI lead and keep my composure Ocean deepFleets of submarines in my arsenalCompartment in the apartmentParking as hard as a bark in the silenceI can find what you like and sign in your timeLetting you know I'm fineAnd then the fakers resign And you cosign me
29 Jul 2016

Grog Shop / Coventryard:

action up here tonight! new poetry coming soon as well!

21 Jul 2016

People Monsters

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Catch people!

Treat them well and providing thought healing throughout. Maximum throughput!

12 Jul 2016

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6 Jul 2016



24 Dec 2018

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14 Jun 2016

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24 Dec 2018

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18 Nov 2018
Drake and family
Drake and family

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6 Jun 2016


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9 Dec 2018
Energy cover
Energy cover

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