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15 Aug 2018

 They're selling that fake stuff, but my heart won't buy it.

29 Apr 2017

 Listen to my track "I Made It" here!

6 Apr 2016

Our thoughts are only as powerful as we allow them to be!

20 Oct 2017

 As far as I can see is from where I continue to be. The truth of love and what boundaries they carry are necessary to be known, in order to bring into your next situations what you have while staying in the same environmental state. We've all the same what's around us, at us, respectively. How you choose to enter, dwell, and travel your paths still matters where you go. Time still counts. As easy as it is to stay on your own mission, it is to be aware of those (beings) around you, which persist at the stages at which you're able to evoke progress towards the goals you know to be attainable, of what you know is believable to more than just you; found true to those who support you along your way to seeing through what you start beyond their completions, which simply open more opportunities based on how you arrived there based on your merits. Will you continue to travel your courses, appreciating every moment of life as you make successes? And for those successes, make sure they function so operationally that when your completions are behind you, the failures only show what you have properly made (a result of jobs well done).

29 Apr 2017

 Let's write a poem. 

How about a subject? How about what I'm doing, leading to my goals for the night. With life being a party, we should last in our flows from scene to scene! 
I'm outside The doors didn't open I'm early I've started the line And I'm showing a connection To the artists Who will light it up For those who negatively impact you The time is up They know the stage They're on a page Of mental progression Of living in heaven Before we pass To live with the unbreakable foundation Leading us to unlimited success in our occupations For me, it's fixing every place for any mistake to be Helping you be the very best you can beAs you be a star As you glow Lighting the wayAnd grabbing those who've gone astrayAs we love our days And stay prepared for what we came to do Be in truth I'll listen to artists I'll experience now Let's take a break.
6 Apr 2016

Thank you for your purchase!

At Lyrical Rhythms, I plan to try to up my hustle... performing songs and selling them at the end of the show... I'll see how it goes.

But if you did buy my double single CD, thank you in advance!

6 Oct 2017

 The emergence of spirituality as a proven life saver corrected the places of life that ensure its (spirituality's) continued secure operations. In that there are physical consequences associated with what we think, there are spiritual actions that relate to (and may guide) what we think. The way to begin your journey to a prosperous life is to align your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, placing you in tune with life, and in your personal time in relation to reality. The paths we are to travel will be revealed along the way, as well as as you consistently achieve. To what you need to attend will consistently be in your now, so address (according to how you are aligned) those which address your positive progress.

8 Apr 2017

 New Thought 

As I smoke this cigarette late in the morning, I am relishing in the holding of my mind being aligned with my body. My breaths are deeper, I am thinking uninterrupted, and I am even feeling strain which I must overcome when I exercise my newly mentally-connected vocal cords. I hope to really experience a difference in how I sound, and how what I experience changes to my way. My stomach dropped, and it sounded to me like another person found a limit for himself in breathing. Was it because he was trying to negatively affect me? Maybe. 

My breaths feel more clear and unobstructed. My anus relaxes. My diaphragm is brooding in anticipation of being matched with my voice with my mind. I want to project what I think, and I believe this is the time to exercise with notes.
After doing that, I say hello to those close to me in thought and I get responses in thought that I'm being heard. To myself, I sound more clear, and I even got feedback that "I sound good" from another person in close physical proximity. I lay down to await the next day, where I plan to lay the basis for my new thought on a track. 
4 Apr 2016

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8 Sep 2017
Grog Shop Music Festival
Grog Shop Music Festival

 The same way life was restored to my phone is in how we choose our love to be maintained. The facts are in that we stay true where we go, and will continue to develop our livelihoods to infinite prosperity. Keeping with you has allowed us to develop for later what now we are working. The opportunities to which we arrive are a result of those from before. Where we will be is now up to how we decide to operate going forward, as it has been that way.

What we say we can do is the same way to write through! Where we connect is where we protect! If peace is whole, when we reach our goals peace will be there!

Where we sleep is where we think where we need to be need to be seeing, as we think of what we're seeing! We have to make correctly our connections when they're there!

At correct thoughts with people is where you are available where there is pertinence of what needs to be done. I stay where I am long enough to be there when I am needed.

Tarzan spent the time that got him to who he is building his infrastructure; so build yours!

6 Apr 2017

 I've had the opportunity to meet people who have given me some great inspirations to continue at my natural pace, which is continually moving up and forward to the lands promised to us. I believe that some people enjoy me, and I enjoy them too! That gives us a foundation on which to appreciate each other, from where we come, and to where we're going; if we happen to go to the same place, the situation miraculously improves!

So speaking of improving, I want to invite artists to get their music heard! We can get a fan base and build up our careers. Put yourselves in position to grow. For example, check me out: 

I Made Ithttps://youtu.be/b7SBBKdM7kk
Freezer Talkhttps://youtu.be/lBg7F5lS6qQ

 Just a couple tracks coming off that Heaven! 

Listening to each other will help us know each other more. Let's grow! 

There are most definitely greater things coming in time and Spirit. Let's get what is meant for us! 

12 Mar 2016

Why the God of the Bible is so Good (#Jesus)!


an objection I hear often, with a retort to consider.



24 Jan 2020
6 Aug 2017

 ... What brought us to live peacefully wherever we do go. This weekend has been packed with action in every momentary day which has brought us to where we know who we are in the right places, with the right people! Every encounter we approach is no longer subject solely to what someone thinks (wherever), but to the Law of truth and the reality of life, which, in always giving a chance to succeed, had birthed a new nation, and a new generation for which us to live. We can recognize who is to be around us and continue to make the right calculations toward deciding where to stay, according to how we treat our relationships. As we build together, we grow together; in succeeding, what we know lights the way.

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