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Digital Storage has Physical Properties!!!


I-X Center - Cleveland, Ohio, birthplace of TELETYPE BROADCASTING.
I-X Center - Cleveland, Ohio, birthplace of TELETYPE BROADCASTING.

I've been spending my time at my job, finally feeling ready to take on a full-time schedule, while advancing in my research to experimenting, about DIGITAL NOISE; rather, Internet Noise (Norise 😅).  That typo on my report in my first attempt at my Master's Capstone was very costly, and hecklers (even amateur hecklers) have spared few expenses to make sure I know they know enough about that failure of mine to spread awareness about it; but it's n-o-i-s-e-- white noise, to be specific. My research and development is going to be compiled into a white paper that I will submit to the US Patent and Trademark Office for considerations in what will ultimately be known as Ping Engineering.

Ping Engineering is a topic in knowledge that concerns with messaging solutions that have to do with using command-line instances to route audience attentions to specific notations, for messaging goals.  Whatever device you may use, that shows you the text you read (during broadcasts), will likely be supplemented with type, as-thought by the messages' creators, which will be hoped to complement your lifestyles, and missions along your ways.

I've found that solutions exist to the era-old problem of the "lack of tonality" in text, and with what else, than 1337sp34k!  When more time and more effort is required to read text that includes numbers and symbols, less of your concentration capacity is available to ambient activities, such as people talking (live or on a device), and your brain will try to fill in your consciousness with something that makes sense to you. The significance of the "type" can increase the chances of overlapping messaging, for what you might believe is relevant. How interesting are the subjective experiences while reading, aside from the material? Would something bring said sound like it's being highlighted in a particular place in the room, or would a new idea materialize in your thinking, inspiring you for your hustles (specifically)? These are questions I'm looking forward to 'experiencing' create reveal insights, which supplement the enhancement I recently made for the internet protocol version 4, which was nested between two IPv6 localhost pings, which are naturally broadcasting IP addresses. It paves the way for a foundation that includes knowledge that can be scaffolded and described with details, about topics this website is leading in discussing. 

Whether you're first reading this today, or even you're catching up on previous posts I've published, you'll surely be inspired and encouraged for your developmental intelligence, if there ever is such a thing. I was motivated to write this much, and that's a show, as far as this website's history is concerned. I'm catch ya in the books.


Xavier Willis, M.A. Official Paperwork
Xavier Willis, M.A. Official Paperwork

Proof of graduating-- thank you for your official support!

I finally graduated from college (again), and I'm going on to study doctoral-level topics. I want to influence changes in policy. I originally stopped on developmental psychology (freeing champion) as a focus; I'll stay with communications. Just like every other time I stopped on psychology, I had to develop an apsychological mindset, where it would be okay if I didn't care what was thought. I'm sure I would have made something otherwise, but I wanted to prove telepathy so bad, and I had enough gumption to acknowledge what I had no more time to accept, when that time came. I found new paths to all the things I could ever want or need in life. Out of life, well, I'll have to get to that when I have time for it. Here's picture proof for you, my supporters.

Communications Underpass
Communications Underpass


Since the beginning of this month, I have been extremely motivated to present my research findings throughout my (now completed) graduate communications curriculum.

My most impressive creation is the "Defensive Password." It's simple for users, by creating a passphrase that includes a no-pass.

For now, I'm webcasting from just my phone, and not on web hosting, which I am attempting to troubleshoot.

Blockchain Exploration

The term, "the devil is in the details" is quite irrelevant when discussing technological advances, unless, of course, you mention hell-based video games. This quote was President Biden's cautionary measure when he signed the executive order to accept the significance of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies as valid for study.

I will say I own a stake with the blockchain, that built a firmament on computing. It is a sourced file type, ".r," for "real file." Exactly what that means to me is that the existence of data can be regarded, regardless of the memories entailed. The demonstrations of data origins may provide ETH shifts, founded upon the courses chosen when consensus transcends numbers of holdings. Also, Bitcoin should enter proof-of-stake in the distant future.


Official AI
Google assistant
Google assistant

Shifting Gears

No, the work is difficult.

Does it always have to be exhausting beyond your ability to endure? If I could tell you why it doesn't, I would already have lived the experiences; frankly, I have experiences yet to field those questions.  Networking is phenomenally helpful, in any industry. Regardless, a healthy distribution of activities throughout commerce can increase the likelihoods of peaceful interactions (times permitting). The luck we are expressed pretty much sums up to summation of work, duly. Have you put yourself in position to remain aware for when your callings appear?  There's surely invitations you'll accept. Make your best moves and make more.


I'm proud to announce my official entry into the Bitcoin Blockchain, complete with facilitating multiple transactions, bonded with true rap factoids.  The consistent participation in economic prosperity appears to be visibly rewarding. Check out my song, Digital (⬇️), and be on the lookout for me; I might help you solve a problem, just from having made differences.

Addressing the Hiccups

When it comes to defining moments in ones' lives, that there's any light at all is good. Even better is if you have your first day for it. Nobody can fulfill their destinies when a stranger can shift your tides before you arrive to your destination. While awareness may exist that you just can't reach, you can allow those experiences to teach you about those wider-reaches and jog your inspirations to achieve greater outcomes.

You could be the best thing happening for yourself, and share it with your friends; however, if they are never close enough to enjoy successes you accomplish, your path continues.

Some say, "it's better to love and lose, than to never love at all," or like it. If you never lost or have been lost, it's tough to justify you ever had anything to find.

How can you achieve your goals to post in a place for yourselves?

January 11, 2021:  Enable Interplanetary Habitation! 

This week, a provisional patent was approved for an algorithm that enables electricity stacking, via networking.  Connecting multiple batteries to distribute power from the same circuit board can create a power cycle.  On/off statuses, alternating from one battery to the next, allows for an alternating current to exist on a drained battery while the next battery applies direct current.  When the final battery in the cycle reaches low power, the next battery (actually the first in the cycle) has fully recharged.  Each circuit board carrying connected batteries, when enclosed, is an electric “vessel.”  The applications are limited to how many batteries avail.  Rather, the minimum voltage requirements may be conceptualized.

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