Xavier6, M.A. (Communications Mastery)

Xavier Willis (Xavier6), M.C.

looking for the opportunities

"I'M WELL," I brag in my song, "The Redprint", from my short album entitled "The Essential Redprint." "I'M WELL," going into my 14th year of resisting the demands of being diagnosed with schizophrenia, all because I wasn't regarded as someone, a part of society; so much so, they tried to convert me into a second-class mode of living I still don't accept.

Some of my best moments came true because they went beyond the borders of technology, to the beautiful life we once knew before the global implementation of radio and broadcasting, except without necessarily adopting a new one as my only way, when the one I was working with was perfectly good. Plus, my awareness became paranoia-ridden and forced me to hypervigilance.

I am currently working closely with psychiatry professionals, as well as professionals from other job and performance-based industries to develop a framework that can account for & allocate for considerations of a heightened sense of awareness for threats to technological vulnerabilities, where unwanted events may have occured. THEY ARE HARMFUL!